The Media Landscape During the Holiday Season

When I first started in PR, I was taught that December was one of the worst times to try and pitch media. Everyone is preparing for the holidays and unless a story has a holiday component, it’s not worth pitching…right!? Wrong! In today’s 24/7 media landscape, there are no breaks in the news cycle, meaning the old way of thinking does not apply today. Pitching in December is one of the most underrated times to provide journalists with story ideas. Because most PR firms still slow down their pitching in December, there’s less competition but editors are still hungry for new content.

The sentiment that all reporters are on vacation is nonsensical. Take a look around your office. Just because a handful of employees take vacation, does not mean that the business shuts down or that projects are not being completed. The news never sleeps and that statement has never been truer than it is today. That being said, there are several things PR pros should take into consideration during the holiday season:

  1. Be informative.

    December is still the busiest month of the year so just because it’s ok to pitch them, doesn’t mean they aren’t busy. Make reporter’s lives easier by including details they might need for the story in one email, but be concise – no one wants to read a four-page email.

  2. Be flexible.

    During the stressful month of December, a reporter may need to turn around a story quicker than usual, meaning you need to be ready to move and accommodate their deadline. Make sure you know the subject your pitching inside and out and be ready to provide any information necessary.

  3. Be thankful.

    A small note of thanks after a story runs can go a long way in building a lasting relationship with a writer.