Elayne Sommers, Senior Account Manager

Contrary to our over-active imagination, Elayne swears to us that her hometown of Staten Island is actually the fifth borough, she is not in the mob and she has never met or hung out with fellow Staten Island native and famed cast member of the Jersey Shore, Mike, aka “The Situation.” But we’re sure glad Elayne brought the celebrated Staten Island sense of self-reliance with her to South Florida because she uses it to deliver best-in-class results for her clients at Fish.

Elayne began her career in public relations in New York City working with musical acts such as Danity Kane and Jesse McCartney. She also handled PR for beauty products such as Goody and Dr. Perricone. Elayne now leads PR efforts for some of the country’s most recognized sandwich, wellness and lifestyle brands.

When not writing press releases or pitching the Wall Street Journal (right Elayne?), she can be found usually hanging with her family in Boca Raton. She is also extra passionate about her dog Noodles and does the best “grandma” voice in the office.