My First Month at Fish Consulting—The more things change, the more they stay the same

I can’t believe it but I’ve already spent an entire 30 days at Fish Consulting—time really does fly with you’re having fun (and climbing the learning curve). Coming to Fish from another PR agency, I was excited to learn about the new industry of franchising and all of its fun terms like “QSR” (quick service restaurants), LTO (limited time offer) and hip slang like “zee” (franchisee) and “zor” (franchisor)—who said franchising wasn’t cool?!

While I am now working within different industries at Fish than I have at my previous job, I’ve realized that the core principles of PR and client services are the same (or rather, should be) no matter where you work. Below are a few of the takeaways I’ve come to realize over these past 30 days here, and I’m proud to say that Fish embodies them all.

Relationships matter most. Period.

We love to talk about how technology is changing the way we connect and communicate with each other. Nonetheless, even as the world continues to grow more digitally interconnected, human relationships remain key in our business, both on the client and media sides. No matter how our modes of communication may evolve, personal relationships are still best nurtured the old school way—through in person connections, picking up the phone and at certain times, through a hand written letter via snail mail. These efforts will make even more of a lasting impression on clients and reporters as others continue to rely primarily on e-mail and text, allowing you to stand out above the crowd. Fish does not hesitate to go the extra mile (or several hundred miles) to travel to clients and have a presence at events and meetings that are important to them, underscoring our role as their partners in business.

A great team is unbeatable

So much of success in business is determined by not only the talent of employees, but by how well they work together to deliver results. Building a team that enjoys working together and complements each other well is no easy feat. However, when the right mix of talent, experience and personalities comes together, it is an unstoppable force. We spend 90% of our time at work, so why not work with people you enjoy seeing everyday? Fish understands this importance and strives to ensure that all new hires are as much of a culture fit as they are a fit for the position.

Leadership sets the tone

It’s no secret that leadership is the guiding force of a business’ trajectory. But, the difference between mediocre leaders and great leaders is astronomical. Effective leadership requires having a clear vision and a viable path on how to realize that vision, along with passion. When employees understand where the firm is trying to go and has clear direction on how to get there, it inspires them to help accomplish those goals. The leadership at Fish motivates employees to continue growing in their careers and to all work toward a common goal of creating the best firm possible.