Halloween and PR


At Fish, we have a tradition every Halloween to dress up in our best (office-appropriate) costumes and come to work. We’ve had some great get-ups over the years, from hippies and Ninja Turtles (yours truly donned a Rafael costume) to Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World (Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party time, excellent!). In the spirit of festive but tasteful fun, here are a few costume ideas for any office Halloween celebration.

For the employee who wishes they had the day off:

For the PR pro that’s always behind the scenes but is itching for their 15 minutes of fame:


For the employee who wants to call themselves Monday Addams:

For the social media executive:


For the employee who always manages to save the day:

For the person who wants to participate in Halloween festivities, but really just wants to hide and get their work done: